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HI, MY NAME IS Arianna

Hey beautiful! Get ready to learn more about my story — it's a good read, I promise. For now I willl say that I am wildly passionate about adorning people just like yourself. Whether it's for your joyful celebrations of love and celebration in Seattle, WA or elsewhere around the world, I am ready to do my thing. To me makeup artistry is about making people look and feel beautiful on the outside just as they are on the inside.  


Now go ahead and scroll away*


Since starting my journey in 2010 I've had the amazing opportunity to be featured on the following platforms — FOREVER GRATEFUL.



Let’s begin with how I was raised. My grandmother was my sole caretaker from a young age and she raised me in a 2-bedroom apartment. Although she was in a wheelchair most of her life, she took care of me just as much as I took care of her — if not more. She always told me to give everything my 110% and to do good by people. My perfectionist nature definitely came from her. Her methods of instilling perfectionism in me may have been a little outlandish, but they sure worked — for which I am forever grateful.


Fast forward to 2010 when I was studying to become a Dental Hygienist while also working as a fulltime sous chef. I soon realised that I absolutely hated that program and dropped out. Around the same time, my paternal aunt was a director for beauty pageants in Washington State. When she found out I dropped out of dental school, she offered me a position as a Makeup Artist. My first knee-jerk reaction was, “heck no, I could never do that, I don’t even have the supplies, craft or knowledge... who would even trust me?!” But her confidence in me encouraged me to pursue becoming a Makeup Artist. I realised that if I kept my drive up and worked hard (and boy did I ever work hard), that it would become a passion. 


Learning makeup skills definitely wasn’t as easy as it is today in 2022. Back in 2010 YouTube was barely a thing. You couldn’t find tutorials of any kind and “beauty gurus” or “influencers” didn’t exist yet. However, there was an up and coming channel by Kandee Johnson. She shared a lot about beauty on her channel and I was HOOKED. I absolutely became addicted to all of the beauty trends and tips she shared. 


Two years later, I quit my full time salary job working as a sous chef and became a FULL TIME MAKEUP ARTIST. What?!? Yeah.. cold turkey. No plans or set agendas, but I had the power of manifestation and the internet. I did endless photoshoots with photographers I had met through model mayhem. I remember how excited and giddy I would get knowing that someone wanted to shoot MY WORK!


My first client I EVER adorned was an Indian participant in the pageant I started working for. When I look back to the beginning, I never for a split second  thought I wanted to be a makeup artist let alone do bridal makeup. I definitely didn’t think I could do it either. And now I am one of the leading makeup artists in SEATTLE, WA who specialises in INDIAN WEDDINGS! How F*%#’n cool is that?! 


Fast forward to 2019, when I was given the opportunity to represent the USA on a panel of judges to help other artists around the country gain their full potential. Not only did I visit the breathtaking Taj Mahal and immerse myself in the rich colourful culture, but it became the perfect trip for work and play.


The career I have today is a dream job. It allows me to one have a family and also spend time with them. I work from home and travel to the best places around the world without having to relocate for “more work”. I established my own demand and let my work speak for itself. The rest is history and history in the making too. I would not be doing this creative entrepreneurial thing if it weren’t for my aunt (who noticed something in me early on and encouraged my drive), my grandma who raised me or my colleagues and friends in the industry. They all pushed me and helped me get the momentum I never knew I needed. 


This has been an emotional and rewarding journey to say the least! Thank you for reading this far. I hope you learned something about me you didn’t know before. I would love to continue the conversation, so please follow me on Instagram for the most up-to-date news of what I’m up to — there's definitely a lot to share.


With love and gratitude, 


Arianna Scott 

Founder, Arianna Scott Makeup



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